About Me

Tippy_Family_CMYK fimalI moved my family and business from Illinois to Schererville in 1993. I wanted to take advantage of the lower taxes and cost of doing business in Indiana.  I soon learned that there was more to the Region than a lower cost of living.

My wife, Chris, enrolled our 3-year old son, Matt, in many activities while I was setting up shop. Over the years he participated in YMCA swimming, karate lessons, basketball, t-ball, Cub Scouts, piano lessons…and the list goes on.  Upon arrival, we joined St. Michaels Church and became part of a large religious family.  My son attended St. Michaels School from kindergarten through 8th grade, graduating in 2005.

Chris also joined the Carmelite Monastery where she could practice the Roman Catholic faith in her native Polish language.  Matt attended Polish School there on Sunday’s where he learned about his heritage.  Our family still maintains strong ties to the monastery, and my wife is regular volunteer in the gift shop.

I operated my business in Schererville up until 2002 when I sold it to a company in Chicago.  It was my turn to enjoy some of the advantages of the Region.  We attended festivals and church functions.  I joined local volunteer organizations and began to meet some great people.  In 2007, I took the big step and entered into the political arena.  I was elected to the Schererville Town Council where I have served to this day.

It is not only the low cost of living and business friendly environment that make the Region attractive.  It is also the sense of community that is characterized by the many festivals, volunteer organizations, church groups and other activities available to families.  I am proud to say that I raised my family in the Region.